An Aramaic Reading Of Genesis


Michelle and Jordan

Studies In Genesis


This is the first of a series of posts unraveling the complexities of the translation of Genesis. Starting with the very first words, a reading of Hebrew or Aramaic reveal that there is much more to the text than the English translation “In the beginning…” conveys…

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Why Noah Cursed Canaan

Through the years scholars have debated about why Noah cursed his grandson Canaan instead of Ham when Ham was the one who committed the offense. This post looks at Biblical and historical accounts, genealogies, and rabbinical viewpoints to gain a deeper understanding.

Our Paint Garden

A post about our paint garden of pigment-yielding plants for making paint and ink, how it came to be, and what it means to Jordan

Reading Emotions

Sometimes emotions are abiding and sometimes fleeting. Today’s prompt is to decipher what Meg Price’s dog is feeling. If you are a writer, explain it in words. If you are an artist, create a similar emotion in an image. Are you a musician? Create a simple melody that goes with this picture.

Things Out Of Place

I saw a red leaf today–an oddity in the first week of July.  It was out of place, sitting beneath a conifer tree without a deciduous tree or plant anywhere around to account for its presence.

Music Notes

Song Release Coming Soon
Jordan’s First Single – “Release”

On August 9, 2021 at the The Barn in Olalla, WA,  Jordan recorded her first piano composition, Release. Purposefully composed with added spaces for improvisation, each take was different.

Recent Artwork

Mask Chain
  Jordan A Cook 2021

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