Reading Emotions

Sometimes emotions are abiding and sometimes fleeting. Today’s prompt is to decipher what Meg Price’s dog is feeling. If you are a writer, explain it in words without sentences, and then use these words to write a paragraph. If words are flowing, write two pages, but start with specific words to force you to be deliberate in your choices. If you are an artist, create a similar emotion in an image. Are you a musician? Create a simple melody that goes with this picture.

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Testing the intro post

This is a custom excerpt. This post is a test post to ensure that things are working properly. I am adding more text to see if a longer excerpt is acceptable when it is published. It is rainy today, and cold. I am drinking coffee in the afternoon. It could be a bad idea tonight when I try to sleep. At least I am awake for now.

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Growing In Hard Places

Article from Jordan’s Journal, Age 8, June 2008 I have a story to tell you about this fern, but before I do, I have to first explain a few things that the picture doesn’t show.  To begin with, it might appear from the photo that the fern is growing in a pathway on the ground, but it’s not. Actually, the fern isn’t anywhere near the ground. I took this picture …

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